23 August 2007

What's the matter, Colonel Sanders? CHICKEN?

My children are no longer vegetarians. Rafi, at least, seems to be very happy about it.

(Off the grill, of course!)


electriclady said...

Ooh, now I'm so curious--how did you give it to them? Did you hand them a hunk and let them tear into it, or did you shred it first? BG hasn't had any meat or protein yet (ped OKed tofu) because she's still not on board with the self-feeding and I refuse to give her that cat-food-like jarred meat puree crap.

I'm loving reading about the BLW. We've been pretty lazy about solids so far--like I said, BG hasn't really gotten into self-feeding, other than mushing avocado into her hair. She does love to be spoonfed (dives for the spoon) but I'm looking forward to being able to throw some table food on the high chair tray and having any of it actually end up in her mouth.

Anonymous said...

Good for them! Glad they are finally eating food, not what food eats.