12 December 2008

Shabbat Menus

For lack of anything better to write about tonight, but in keeping with my custom of blogging when I have other writing to do, I will give my Shabbat guests (and the rest of you) a sneak peak at the food. Assuming I make it all in time.


  • roasted lemon-herb chickens (with celery, onions, carrots, and parsnips)

  • roasted mixed potatoes and sweet potatoes

  • green beans with herbs and tomatoes

  • cranberry sauce

  • perhaps a kugel contribution from a guest

  • apple-cranberry crisp

  • vanilla soy ice cream (bought)


  • persimmon and avocado salad

  • dafina (this is an experiment for me)

  • a mustard-less, vaguely Moroccan take on this chicken (in case one experiment goes bad, rely on another)

  • something vaguely Moroccan again, involving green beans, because I bought a lot of them when the menu was fuzzy

  • a kugel from the freezer, or else Thai-style quinoa - whichever I think will clash less

  • chocolate cake

  • strawberry sorbet (making this myself was a waste of time, I think) (and also possibly not the best option when the high will be several degrees below freezing

Ah, and rimonlimonana to drink, though unfortunately not with fresh mint.

It's possible that I should be either cooking or sleeping now. Or writing something other than a pointless blog post.