12 December 2008

Shabbat Menus

For lack of anything better to write about tonight, but in keeping with my custom of blogging when I have other writing to do, I will give my Shabbat guests (and the rest of you) a sneak peak at the food. Assuming I make it all in time.


  • roasted lemon-herb chickens (with celery, onions, carrots, and parsnips)

  • roasted mixed potatoes and sweet potatoes

  • green beans with herbs and tomatoes

  • cranberry sauce

  • perhaps a kugel contribution from a guest

  • apple-cranberry crisp

  • vanilla soy ice cream (bought)


  • persimmon and avocado salad

  • dafina (this is an experiment for me)

  • a mustard-less, vaguely Moroccan take on this chicken (in case one experiment goes bad, rely on another)

  • something vaguely Moroccan again, involving green beans, because I bought a lot of them when the menu was fuzzy

  • a kugel from the freezer, or else Thai-style quinoa - whichever I think will clash less

  • chocolate cake

  • strawberry sorbet (making this myself was a waste of time, I think) (and also possibly not the best option when the high will be several degrees below freezing

Ah, and rimonlimonana to drink, though unfortunately not with fresh mint.

It's possible that I should be either cooking or sleeping now. Or writing something other than a pointless blog post.


penny said...

There is absolutely nothing pointless about this blog post. you provided me lunch ideas (quinoa, which we eat quite a bit of) which i needed.

Michael A. Burstein said...

This is the best possible post you could have made for us today. Thanks!

LC said...

Persimmon and avocado salad sounds interesting. I've been looking for interesting things to do with avocado beyond the standard guacamole (diced tomatoes with spices) or avocado egg salad (avocado replacing the mayo).

So where do you find kosher miso? TJ's? Whole Foods? And save me a few more minutes - what brand? Thanks.

Melissa said...


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It would be nice if you could come by and visit.

Thank you.