14 November 2008

What, Me? Cryptic?

It's all about intellectual stimulation, really. My brain was starting to atrophy. Rita and Rafi are wonderful and delightful and brilliant, but at the end of the day they are still a couple of toddlers. Their greatest accomplishments include eating soup without spilling, correctly identifying all the animals in "Polar Bear, Polar Bear," and making it to breakfast without three rounds of "Rafi pushed-you me! Time-out." (Usually said by Rita when she did the pushing. Though, to be fair, she will sometimes put herself into time out: walk into bedroom, close door, wait thirty seconds, then start screaming.)

So I'm kinda-sorta working now. Maybe. It's freelance, it's not in the legal field, and it's a task with which I don't have much direct experience. It involves words, though. I can do words. They're what you get when you put all those pretty letters together in little groups with spaces in between. The real question is whether I can pick the right words, in the right order, and make something good come of it.

I didn't use words enough, though, in the past twenty-one months. Twenty-one months - almost twenty-two by now. My children are almost two years old, and written records of their infancy and early toddlerhood are spotty at best. We have pictures galore, but it's not the same. Sure, there are scattered emails and the like, highlighting this or that adorable event. I can probably pull something comprehensive together if I really try. But it's just not the same. Rafi, Rita: I'm sorry. You have no baby book detailing your first words and first steps. But perhaps I can sum it all up with this: you are lovely and loved, and ever will be.

Right - maybe instead I should just blog the cute things as they happen?


electriclady said...

Blogging random cute moments is about as close as I'll ever get to a baby book. I keep telling myself I'll pull it all together someday but I'm pretty sure that'll never happen.

Eating soup without spilling??? Color me impressed.

Erin said...

P doesn't eat soup without spilling some, and he'll be 5 in a couple of weeks. Go Rafi and Rita!

I definitely blog more about the cute moments than I do write them somewhere else. Baby books? Ha. My mom was horrified that I didn't have one for K, until I pointed out that I barely have one for P. It's much easier just to blog.

I know what you mean about brain mush. Intellectual stimulation is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

So you're doing things with words and spaces... clearly you're a freelance crossword constructor! :-)