08 June 2009

Toilet Training FAIL

ME: Rita, you made a poopy! There's a poop in your diaper!

RITA: [with pride] I made it all by myself!

ME: Yes! And now we can go clean the poop off your tushie and give you a new diaper. Next time, can you tell me before you make a poopy so you can make it in the potty?


ME: Why not?

RITA: Because I want to make it in the diaper.

(I mean, really, how are you going to argue with that?)


electriclady said...

I get: "Do you want to sit on the potty? Let's sit on the potty!" "No thanks." At least she's polite.

projgen said...

At least she knows her own mind ;)

Alia Ramer said...

I hear your pain.
My first child, now a healthy tween, pottytrained at 3 and wore underwear, but went poop in a diaper until 3 1/2.
The second was a cake walk, training-wise. He started on the potty the month he turned two and never looked back once I gave him the gift of big boy undies.
My third. Well, thank HaShem he's not going to kindergarden in diapers. He started using the toilet to pee the first day of Pesach 2 years ago. Like yours, he didn't want to poop in the potty because he LIKED pooping in the diaper. My relaxed, post-hippie pediatrician (who I love) said he'll go when he's ready. Two years later, I was ready. A one year old's poo can be cute; not so with a nearly five year old. When I was losing it at every poop (anger at a diaper change is obviously not preferable), it was time. With the back up of the hippie's non-hippie partner, we put him on 2 weeks of pedialax and took away the diapers. We started the process the weekend before Pesach this spring. He held it in for days, even with the medicine. The first seder was awful, having to run to try every 20 minutes. The next afternoon, he finally went. Getting the laxative in him was a whole process, but he understood enough that he knew he had to take it. When the bottle ran out, I asked him if we had to buy a second. No, he said emphatically.
A few weeks later, he came out of the bathroom, having gone and wiped and washed all by himself, and said, "You were right Momma, the potty IS better than diapers." He was a little suprised by his realization!
Although there is rarely a true right and wrong in parenting, I still feel I should have pushed a little at the beginning of potty training to avoid two years of anger and frustration at his situation.

OneTiredEma said...

She must be holding out for the world's coolest potty :)

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