13 September 2009

First Day of Preschool

I barely slept Wednesday night. After finally setting aside clothes for the first day, I got it into my head to fold (most of) the mountain of laundry we generated after returning from our week in NY. I'm not quite sure what I did with the rest of the night, but it was 5 AM before I knew it, and I barely managed an hour of sleep before Rita came into our room.

Miraculously, her early wake-up for the day didn't impact her enjoyment of school at all. She and Rafi were (mostly) cooperative in getting dressed, eagerly put on their backpacks to head downstairs, tolerated several rounds of posed First Day pictures, and bounded down the street with fewer than half a dozen pauses to examine cracks in the sidewalk and idling trucks in the road.

Once at school, they found their cubbies, helped me put away their spare clothes, settled their backpacks inside, and dashed off into the classroom before I could even turn around. I really think that if the school didn't require that parents stay through the entire (hour-long) first session, I could have left them right then and there. Instead, I had the privilege of watching them explore a sand table, a deluxe kitchen and dining area, and more new-to-them toys than I could count. Clean up, circle time, and - just like that - the first day of school was done.

I can't wait for them to go back on Tuesday.


penny said...

ooh! the sand/rice table. :)

projgen said...

Oh, too cute :) And how awesome that they were so secure their first day!

I have to admit, it's one of the things I admire about you - that you're not Super Perfect Mom (tm). They don't have matching outfits, with perfect matching backpacks and uber-healthy lunches laid out in their perfect matching collapsible lunch boxes... not that there's anything wrong with being Super Perfect Mom (tm); I just know *I'd* never be SPM (I'd be lucky to actually remember that they had a first day of school. Assuming I remembered to register them). It's better that they were happy and secure about school than looking like a back-to-school magazine cover, is all I'm trying to say :)

(Let me just apologize now for everyone whose feelings I've hurt or offended, however inadvertently, with these comments.)

And what the heck were you doing up until 5am??? I never ever stay up that late :)