03 March 2010

Please Deliver Between 2035 and 2040

Dear Children,

I want to tell you about something I used to do when you were three years old. At the end of naptime, I would turn on the hallway light, leave the door to your room open, and sit on one of your stools at the foot of your beds. I would gaze adoringly into your sweet sleeping faces. I would kiss you gently on your smooth, delicious foreheads.

I would then tickle your noses and bellies to wake you up. I don't think you liked that part very much.



Lut C. said...

Just lovely!

I can't go to sleep without checking on my girl, smiling at her while she sleeps.

OneTiredEma said...

oh, but isn't it nicer sometimes when they're sleeping?

Anonymous said...

They are so delicious when they are sleeping.

And sometimes it IS awfully tempting to rouse them...

So glad you're back!

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

lovely post, lovely sentiment. and, can i just say, i *love* the idea of writing little notes like these for them to open later on! thank you for the post and the idea.

Baule said...