21 August 2007

food update

This won't be a very good baby-led weaning blog if I don't actually write about the foods my kids are trying. As of this week, we have broken the "one new food every two or three days" rule, though we still are not offering complex mixed foods. The list of offered foods thusfar (I think in order):

  • sweet potato (boiled; steamed)

  • avocado

  • carrot (steamed)

  • zucchini (steamed; grilled)

  • banana

  • peas (boiled, in mesh feeder)

  • broccoli (steamed)

  • green grapes (in mesh feeder)

  • brown rice pasta

  • blueberries (in mesh feeder)

  • red bell pepper (raw, for gnawing)

  • eggplant (grilled)

  • watermelon

  • oatmeal (cut oats, not whole)

I feel like I must have left something out, but I can't think of anything just now. The grilled veggies are made with a bit of olive oil, and this past Sunday also had some black pepper sprinkled on before grilling. Grilled zucchini so far seems to be a favorite, either fresh off the grill (cooled slightly) or cold the next day. Watermelon is a hit with Rafi, not so much with Rita.

Pasta (offered four times) was met with almost no interest whatsoever, and I can't tell whether that's because the shape (rotini) was too small to pick up (didn't seem so) or because (as Julian theorizes) it's just too bland. Tomato sauce is out because we haven't yet offered tomatoes, which are somewhat allergenic, and sauteed veggies in oil seems like it would be too slippery...but I'm wondering whether a nut-free pesto would be a good pasta sauce. Maybe with some avocado for creaminess? They haven't had basil either, but this would be a good introduction.

General dexterity is improving - Rafi is quite adept at getting the right part of the mesh feeder into his mouth when he wants to, and both kids can usually manage to pick up spear-shaped foods and place them into their mouths (though they sometimes need us to hold up the slippery foods so they can grab them).

The oatmeal was a new food this morning, and I helped a bit by putting some onto spoons for each of them (from piles in sections of their trays) and letting them attack the spoons as they saw fit. Both aimed for the oatmeal directly with their hands as well, and Rita had a ball squishing it through her fingers. I must admit I tried the squishing thing as I was rinsing off the trays, and it's rather fun.


Anonymous said...

From my experience, I would go easy on the watermelon. It can cause upset stomachs even in older kids. Of course, everyone's different, so your kids might react differently than mine. Lots of nachas!

Anonymous said...

no problem with watermelon for mine. and B has certainly had it in absolutely huge quantities many times. but then again, both of mine love plain pasta. so we're back to the "every kid is different" thing...