27 October 2007

Lesson Learned

Generally speaking, it's okay to give your nine-month-old babies the food you are eating.

Generally speaking, it's okay to chop up a bunch of chili peppers and add some greater-than-called-for quantity to the mushroom curry you are making (for the first time).

However (generally speaking), it is not such a brilliant idea to combine those two practices.

Poor kiddies. After some tears (and nursing) they ended up having just beer bread and baked apples for dinner last night. Not that I think they minded much in the end...but it's a shame, since Rita at least seemed to be digging the saag aloo before she got a mouthful of the hot curry.


Penny said...

my sinuses are currently asking for you to surprise me like that.

i bought some pickled veges recently that surprised me similarly. though i had to dry my tears in a much more adult way.

poor rita... i hope she doesn't remember this and doesn't like mushrooms for life (like E)

OneTiredEma said...

oy. poor kiddo!

i'd settle for the four people in my family all eating exactly the same thing at the same meal.

we only seem to intersect at baked ziti.

Anonymous said...

*I'd* settle for the 3 solids-eating children in the family eating the same thing.

No one seems to believe me that "Mommy is NOT a short-order cook" is a permanent condition.

miriamp said...

I think "Mommy is not a short order cook" translates to "You're old enough to make your own...go do it if you're not going to eat what I made!" instead. Some of them just never do learn to just eat wheat everyone else is having.

In my house growing up this was usually a peanut butter sandwich of some sort (honey for me, jelly for my sister) but here it's more likely to be oatmeal, pizza, or melted cheese sandwiches. (Taught the 9 and 10 yr olds to use the hot water urn and the toaster oven. Works out pretty well for me.)

Shanna, keep feeding them what you're eating... and maybe they'll never realize that they're "allowed" to want something else. But yeah, ouch, maybe tone back the hot stuff. My three year old likes pickles and medium salsa, (not together) so littles can eat hot food... but maybe not that hot that little.