10 October 2007

Rumble In the Darkness

Nope, not a really big substantive post here (yet). If I don't get this up now, I never will. With thanks to One Tired Ema for the tip, I direct you to The Great Virtual Breast Fest. I have no pictures of my own to contribute (and, even if I did, I'm not sure I'd put pictures of my children online without password protection), but I hope that by putting up a link I can do my own little part to desexualize and normalize attitudes toward breastfeeding in our culture.


Penny said...

**blinks** at some of the items in the manifesto. I had no idea. I've only been the recipient (a few times until many forces put me on a bottle afaik) but i'm a) showing my ignorance and b) shocked and c) very very sad and hope that when the time comes i can nurse without this @#($&.

btw Columbia now (as of last spring) has a lactation room on campus. it's a step.

miriamp said...

As long as you're talking about desexualizing breastfeeding, and not breasts, I'm all for it. I'd prefer that breasts themselves stay sexy, though.

I'm definitely for normalizing breastfeeding. And I do my part: I nurse just about anywhere.

Hmm... I should show you a picture Aaron took of me nursing T and N. (No skin showing, naturally.) I didn't post it anywhere, only because I thought I looked too fat in it, lol.

Anonymous said...

MiriamP wrote: And I do my part: I nurse just about anywhere.

But I'll bet I get the local record for this week:
home, airplane, Detroit Metro airport, pool locker room, ladies' lounge at a wedding (dress was one-piece, retro-fitted for nursing, and wasn't conducive to anywhere else), MBTA.