21 March 2008


We put lots of thought into our Purim outfitting this year, and have come up with some wonderfully subtle costumes.

I am dressed as an exhausted mother of twins. This costume is similar to that of an unemployed lawyer, but varies from the latter in that I am not carrying around a dog-eared law review and casually hidden stack of business cards with my contact information on one side and a miniature resume crammed onto the back.

My husband will be going as a working-from-home engineer. This costume is distinguished from that of a working-at-work engineer by the absence of an employee identification badge; all other aspects of dress and personal grooming remain the same.

My daughter is dressed as a boy, because when she woke up this morning, the cutest clothes remaining in the dresser were all in shades of blue. Never mind that we dress her like this on a regular basis.

My son is an abstract representation of a backyard organic vegetable patch, in that he is wearing a brown shirt with a carrot on it, captioned: "Home Grown." The effect is somewhat diminished by the presence of ice blue pants, but in order to enhance his costume we plan to allow all dirt that accumulates on his face and hands to remain there for the duration of the day.

Chag Purim sameach!


Anonymous said...

chag purim sameach!

Erin said...

Chag purim sameach to you as well! As I am a horrible mother, I forgot that they actually dress up at a Jewish daycare for Purim (he's been at a regular daycare up until this year). We got to his classroom to see every other child in full costume. Thankfully, P went as King Achashverosh and we'd left his cape in the car after the megillah reading the night before. We grabbed that and the crown that they'd made the day before, and he was perfectly happy. I, however, still feel like a lousy mom.

OneTiredEma said...

to hell with costumes--what was in your shalach manos?

Anonymous said...

Erin -
My 6YO managed to forget that Wednesday was 'Purim carnival and come in costume' day in Kindergarten (when Purim is earlier in the week, the whole preschool dresses up on Shushan Purim) so he went as himself, a bit sad, and only mildly complained when he came home.

Onetiredema -
*Our* shalach manos - not that you asked me, but hey :) - in keeping with the theme of early everything as Shabbos was coming, was breakfast: a homemade coffecake muffin and a piece of fruit. (Thanks, Miriam!)

- LC

miriamp said...

LC, you're welcome for the idea, but I think I borrowed it from someone else.

Onetiredema: Our Shaloch Manos were "rainbow": two hamentashen (pick two from pumpkin pie, strawberry and chocolate, because my oldest had eaten all the poppy seed and lemon ones in the week between when I baked them and Purim), a red apple crisp granola bar, because no one eats that flavor and it comes in the big assorted box, "mike and ikes" (red, orange, green, yellow), two tea bags (picked from red, blue, green, orange and grey individually wrapped single-serving packages) and raisins (I think the box was blue or purple) all in a colorful paper bag (lunch size).

Shanna: As for costumes, well, we put way less thought into them than you did! But we had a dress-up box to help out the children. I wore a nursing dress I made myself many years ago with a black-on-black polka-dot bodice and a white-on-black polka-dot skirt and a necklace my mother gave me that alternated black "pearls", white "pearls" and clear glass beads. Aaron had black pants with a button down shirt with various widths of black and grey vertical stripes on it and a white damask tie. Kids: CD made herself a nose costume and wrote "Af shel Chailie" on it in Hebrew, because she had told a little girl named Rachail that she was being her nose for Purim. (She designed it, I made her a pattern, she cut it out, I sewed it, she turned it and stuffed it, I closed the last little bit and attached the other half of the waist strap by hand.) She also helped HT decorate a past-years pink felt poncho to make it into an HT birthday cake. (She wrote "Happy Birthday H-------!" on it and drew pink roses around the edges with paint markers.) RM dug out an old shabbos candle costume made from an older (stained) Shabbos tablecloth and a white ruffled hat that was part of my costume from 1st grade. MM found his chocolate-chocolate chip cookie costume from 2 years ago (brown felt circle poncho with darker brown chip shapes appliqu├ęd on). SS pulled a very colorful dress out of the dress-up box that has a pointed collar and said she was a clown. NL found a funny vest and hat in the dress-up box, and TT wore the clown costume that was MY's first Purim costume. MY was the only one without a costume, because he's the biggest, and nothing he wanted to wear fit him nicely. (Must be all those hamentaschen!) I was too busy to sew for them this year. (CD was the exception because she did most of the work, especially the part about coming up with not only an idea but knowing pretty much exactly what she wanted.)