10 November 2008

Isn't It Ironic?

I may start blogging again. And wouldn't you know it - it's not because of politics (yay Obama!) or recent legal developments (boo Prop 8) or my children's neverending adorableness (of course). Nope, it's only because I have other stuff I'm supposed to be writing. Of course.

Let's see where this goes.


Michael A. Burstein said...

So, um, what are you supposed to be writing?

Erin said...

I hope you will!

Alisha said...

Yeah, what are you supposed to be writing? Curious minds want to know. (Besides, having watched you not write your thesis, I know to expect the quantity and quality of upcoming blogging to directly correspond with the size and importance of this other project.)

LC said...

It sounds like your 'not writing' is at least more relevant than my 'not studying', not that it matters anymore. I was a top notch procrastinator during college, never *quite* waiting long enough to completely miss a deadline.

I plan to enjoy the benefits of your 'not writing'.